The Nordic blockchain accelerator

BITaccel is a new project aiming to become the leading startup accelerator for the companies developing blockchain-based initiatives in the Nordic region. Launching in spring 2019 BITaccel is opening its offices in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. BITaccel’s goal is to provide tailor-made acceleration programs for blockchain startups in order to help them growing their businesses and utilize their potential on the developing disruptive business market.

Blockchain – The technology of our future

The promise that hides in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) has raised an unprecedented wave of innovation over the last couple of years. After the burst of the crypto bubble in early 2018, the Blockchain ecosystem has significantly matured from its initial hype, and white-papers based on good ideas are no longer enough to raise the necessary capital for startups to develop from idea to market.

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In support of decentralized technologies

Blockchain startup accelerator

Successfully selected startups are offered a position in the accelerator program and awarded with 12 weeks of professional mentoring, coaching, partner sponsored services and follow-up programs as well as an Initial cash investment in return for equity.

Pre acceleration

A paid, 2 months pre-acceleration program, designed for young entrepreneurs wishing to mature an idea into a solid investor deck. Graduates have increased chances to be selected for the acceleration project.

Industry specific programs

BITaccel will develop industry-specific acceleration programs to encourage the industry’s leaders participation and assure that relevant clusters of mentors, partners and talents are formed for maximum support to the onboarding startups.

International ecosystem representation

With representative offices in Copenhagen and Stockholm as well as cooperation schemes with several international Blockchain accelerators, BITaccel will provide its members with a truly global network and knowhow.

Partnership and membership programs

BITaccel offers three types of exclusive membership programs for organizations and executives offering industry specific events, local and international network opportunities, access to talent and much more.

Connected to the HUB

NegentroBit hub – a Blockchain-oriented coworking and incubation space, open since 2016.

Read more about the HUB here.

Why accelerate?

Innovation performance is a crucial determinant of competitiveness and national progress.

Blockchain – a game changer!

Cross industry disruption is coming, and we want to assure we are part of it.

Why accelerate?

According to a business study conducted by Harvard university, about 75% of all startups are destined to fail within their first 3 years of existence. 

Blockchain – a game changer!

The global blockchain market is expected to grow from 1.2$ billion in 2018 to 23$ billion by 2023, to 1.2$ trillion in 2030…  (IHS Markit)

For investors

Seeking an opportunity to get on board the Blockchain hype?

We are looking for investors and partners that recognise the huge potential of Distributed Ledger Technology and how it will disrupt business in the coming years. .

For startups

Do you have a great idea based on distributed technology or similar?
Make contact and tell us about your project.
If you already have a solid business plan, signup for our pitch event.

If you have a good idea, but are unsure how to bring it to the market, BITconsult can assist you with getting your business plan in place.

For partners

Do you have a business in any of the following segments and wish to assure your position as a Blockchain friendly company? Partner with us, be the first one in your industry. Support our future startups and gain both prospective customers and valuable expertise and recognition that will make you a leading provider of services for blockchain companies in your industry. We are seeking partners in the following fields:
accounting, auditing, legal, insurance, banking etc.

For mentors

Do you have a solid business experience that can be of support to our emerging startups?

Join us as a mentor and establish your reputation in the Blockchain community. Required fields of expertise are business administration, strategic planning, compliance, financial planning, marketing, sales, etc.


In the news…

  • First in Norway to accept crypto payment
  • First to open industrial Hyperscale Datacenter
  • First in Norway to bring crypto ATM
  • First in Norway to offer lightning network payment
  • First in Norway to launch eco friendly HPC solutions